Palgrave Macmillan Gender Studies Book Series

Edited by Corinne L. Mason, Lena C. Palacios, Dana M. Olwan, and Shaista Patel 

Feminist Interruptions and Refusals is a space for activist-scholarship grounded in robust feminist, queer, trans, Indigenous, Black, ChicanX/LatinX, POC, Third World/Global South, and crip engagements and disruptions of the everyday. The series showcases projects that interrupt realities of trans/misogyny, ongoingsettler colonialism, white supremacy, neoliberal imperialism, carceral state formation, “liberal ‘multiculti’ progressiveness” and white feminism inside and outside of the academy. It aims to procure and publish texts from marginalized voices, especially junior scholars and community-based scholars underrepresented in the academy, whose work dismantles the uniformity and conformity of dominant narratives, including disciplinary boundaries and borders and disrupts hegemonic systems through activist-scholarly commitments to community-building, accountability, and sustainability. The series seeks transformative projects that demand interruptions and refusals, slowing down, stoppage, resurgency, re-imagining, making space for scholarship and artistic contributions that steer away from familiar means of representing difference to publish works that advance coalitional intellectual projects. Particularly welcome are comparative and transnational works that challenge both North American-exceptionalism, particularly U.S.-centrism, and push forth ideas that disrupt national borders and the centrality of U.S./North American academic discourses.

We welcome submissions from beyond North America and Europe and will accept manuscripts, edited collections, and Palgrave Pivots.   

For more information or to speck to one of the editors, email:

Proposals can be submitted to Amelia Derkatsch, Commissioning Editor, Gender Studies, Palgrave Macmillan